About me


Sort of Artist Statement…:

I need to take pictures. I have to.

My outside is easily visible to others, and in a mirror I can see it myself. That superficial outside.

I photograph to see my inside on the outside. In my pictures I want to reflect my inner me, the inner me that is not visible. That inner me that sometimes feels fragile and ambivalent, where a lot of, often ill-tempered and dark, brain ghosts are created and take shape.

When the inside is mirrored on the outside in that way, the darkness may become slightly brighter.


Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Now living in the island of Värmdö, outside Stockholm.

MBA from The University of Stockholm, Sweden.


Education in Photography


Photography – HDK Valand, Gothenburg University, 2020

The Philosophy of Photography – Karlstad University, 2020



Anna Clarén, NORD Photography, One Year Workshop, 2022-2023.

Atelier Smedsby, Paris, JH Engström/Margot Wallard, One Year Workshop 2nd Year, 2021-2022.

Anna Clarén, NORD Photography, 2020.

Hannah Goldstein, Berlin, 2019.

Atelier Smedsby, Paris, JH Engström/Margot Wallard, One Year Workshop 2018-2019. 

Martin Bogren, Stockholm, 2017.

Hannah Goldstein, Stockholm/Berlin, 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2023.



One Year Photography, Year 2, Fotografiska Akademin, Stockholm, 2019-2020.

One Year Photography, Year 1, Fotografiska Akademin, Stockholm, 2015.

Moment of Truth, Göran Segeholm, Fotografiska Akademin, 2015/2016.