About me


I take photos because I have to. It keeps me sane. I work my inside to the outside.


Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Now living in the island of Värmdö, outside Stockholm.

MBA from The University of Stockholm, Sweden.


Photographic Education


Photography – Akademi Valand, Gothenburg University, 2020

The Philosophy of Photography – Karlstad University, 2020



Hannah Goldstein, Berlin, 2019.

Atelier Smedsby, Paris, JH Engström/Margot Wallard, One Year Workshop 2018-2019. 

Martin Bogren, Stockholm, 2017.

Hannah Goldstein, Stockholm/Berlin, 2016/2017/2018/2019/2020.



One Year Photography, Year 2, Fotografiska Akademin, Stockholm, 2019-2020

One Year Photography, Year 1, Fotografiska Akademin, Stockholm, 2015.

Moment of Truth, Göran Segeholm, Fotografiska Akademin, 2015/2016.